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Welcome to <Carpe Noctis> "Seize the Night" of Khaz Modan. We are a group of people focused entirely on completeing all that The Burning Crusade has to offer. That content being all the Dungeons, Raids, or PvP available to us. Each member is expected to turn off their Experience gain upon leveling to 70. If a member hits level 71 they are removed. Our main goal is to be the best there is to be not as individuals but as a collective. Anyone can get run through all the instances and get free awesome gear, but only the select few will take the time and effort to gear not only themselves, but the people next to them.

if you would like to join click the link and follow the instructions provided -- Link --

We are, <Carpe Noctis>
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Major Success!

Deilerra / Bigmeany, Feb 20, 11 2:38 AM.
Karazhan crumbled beneath our feet!
Zul'Aman was trampled by our stampede of destruction!

Good runs guys, Smooth and Flawless. Perfect.

Many more raids to come, and none of them will be prepared for what we will bring.


The Tankadin, Feb 17, 11 12:31 AM.
Two raids in one night this weekend guys, let's get those Zul Aman and Karazhan achievements! Sign up now and make sure you've got a spot before Saturday at 9pm realm time.


Deilerra / Bigmeany, Feb 15, 11 3:18 PM.
Congrats to Sacrifical! our newest officer.

One of many

Sacrifical70, Feb 13, 11 2:36 AM.
First raid of many that will be completed, good job all

Guild run Karazhan, Feb 13, 11 1:31 AM.
Hey guys that was a great success! We didn't wipe once, and puresin lead it very well! Thanks for inviting me to guild. I'm glad to be here. I look forward to raiding with u guys a lot in the future.

- Fade
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Khaz Modan (PvE)
We are currently recruiting All classes of any spec.
Healers are needed fairly high.
Tanks we could use one or two with offspec of dps.
DPS of all kinds are welcome as well.
Contact any member online to join, Also join this website. thank you.
~ Carpe Noctis ~
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